The main question on everyones lips ..... how much does having a accountant cost???

Self employed

If you are a sole trader, our tax return fees start at £250.


We charge £250 for the tax return if you have one property and an additional £100 per additional rental property.

Limited company

In terms of your company accounts and tax return, our fees are bespoke so please get in touch so we can go through exactly what you need. All our company clients are charged on a monthly basis in advance of the year end, via direct debit. We have a minimum fee of £100 per month for a limited company (unless dormant).

Bookkeeping & VAT

Bookkeeping and VAT is charged depending on the number of transactions through the bank and the number of purchase invoices/receipts per month. So please have this information to hand when enquiring so we can give you an accurate quote.


Payroll is charged depending on the number of employees, frequency of pay and whether it is fixed or variable with a minimum of £15 per month. 

Company Formation

Forming a limited company can seem like an easy feat online, however there are certain minutes and documents that need to be completed such as shareholder agreements, share certificates and meeting minutes, which we will be happy to carry out for you for £150. 

One we have had our discovery call with you and found out about your business and the services that you need, we will package everything together for you for a fixed monthly fee. 

See having an accountant doesn't cost as much as you think does it?!


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