Limited company

As a Limited Company, it is important to remain as tax efficient as possible, whilst fulfilling your various legal responsibilities. Full compliance protects your company against fees and penalties.

We help a range of Limited Companies with tax preparation, taxation advice, financial efficiency, registered offices and bookkeeping. Let us to handle the financial side of your business, and do what we do best,  so you can keep doing what you do best.

What is a Limited Company?

A Limited Company is a private company – meaning that its finances and actions are separate from the finances of its owners. This protects individuals from financial issues, should their company fall on hard times.

There are several other benefits of setting up a Limited Company, including tax advantages, dividends, investment opportunities and business loans.

A Limited Company has more credibility, but added legal and personal responsibilities. We can help with the finer points of setting up your company and keeping it running in a financially viable and effective manner.

Why choose us as your limited company accountant?

  • We’re approachable– we understand that accounting can be intimidating and daunting, but our friendly team are always on hand to offer advice and peace of mind.

  • We’re experienced – with many years of experience,  you are in safe and capable hand.

  • We’re cost effective – not only can we save you money, but we also believe in offering the best service at an excellent price.

Whether you’re looking to start your own Limited Company, or need assistance with a pre-existing company, we can advise and guide you through the process.


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